Account Types

Account Types


Accounts Silver Account Gold Account Diamond Account
Minimum Deposit $100 - $1,999 $2,000 – $4,999 $5,000 and Above
Tight Spread 4 pip* 3 pip* 2 pip*
Education Yes Yes Yes
Trading signals No No Yes
No No No No
Professional Assistance No No Yes
Dedicated team Yes Yes Yes
Open Live Account Open Live Account Open Live Account

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Traders who are looking to increase their foreign exchange profits should open a live FX account with us and start taking advantage of our extensive training videos, online tutorials, PDF guides, and glossaries. Forex trading online has been simplified by Forex Spot Trading, meaning that almost anyone can become a Forex trader with a small amount of studying and practice. Our account types include demo accounts, mini-accounts, standard accounts and premium accounts.If you are not confident enough to open a live account, open a demo account instead with $50,00 to trade and learn the ins and outs of online Forex trading with our help. Instead of risking serious losses with your hard earned money, get to know the Forex market with our informative demo account option. This is quickly becoming the most popular method of learning how to trade the Forex market!

Standard and mini-accounts are also available and will help you learn Forex as you go if you are already somewhat familiar with online Forex trading. We offer a wide variety of tools and resources to make trading easier, and if you need additional help we have experts ready to answer your questions. If you do not find a solution on one of our FAQ pages, contact us right away to see if one of our live Forex professionals can answer your questions or resolve any problem you are facing.

Premium accounts are waiting for those who understand the basics of Forex trading and want to take the next step, with more in-depth tools and resources along with big savings on some of our services too. To find out more, such as any cost associated with opening a premium account, talk to one of our Forex market experts today and get started with your own upgraded account.

Deposits, spreads and maximum leverages vary from one account type to another, and these change to reflect the economy, today’s market, and recent events. Market fluctuations occur in commodities and currencies all the time, if you are not able to react effectively you could miss a big chance to make money or start seeing major losses. Do not miss out on this valuable opportunity to potentially make money or help avoid more losses; get started with Forex Spot Trading today!