Payment Guide

Every method of payment begins with 3 simple steps:
  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the “deposit” option under the “Payments” tab at the top
  • Select Quick Pay method of deposit

Fill the Required information and click on Send for preferred method of deposit for instructions on completing the remaining steps:

Credit Card
  • Choose the type of credit card you will be using
  • Fill in the required information

*Deposit occurs immediately

Debit Card
  • Choose the type of debit card you will be using
  • Fill in the required information

*Deposit occurs immediately

Internet Banking

Fill in the required information

*Deposit occurs immediately

Bank Transfer
  • Make a transfer from your bank account
  • Send a copy of your transfer receipt to your account manager

*Please allow 2-4 business days for transaction to complete

In order to protect you against fraudulent activity, Forex Spot Trading requires that all clients submit the the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your Identification Card or Passport
  • A photocopy of a utility bill, clearly indicating your address and name
  • If you are depositing with a credit card, we require a photocopy of your credit card, front and back, which clearly shows the following

The global monetary system has gone a long way during thousands of years of the human history, but it is surely experiencing the most exciting and earlier unthinkable changes. The two main changes determine a new image of the global monetary system:

  • The money is fully separated from any tangible media;
  • Powerful information and telecommunications technologies made it possible to consolidate monetary systems of different nations into the single global financial system that has no boundaries.
    • Your name on the front of the card
    • The last four digits on the front
    • The first four digits on the back

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