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What is Forex?

Forex market is where one can do trading in currencies and the word forex stands for “Foreign Exchange.” This is like any other market as there is trading between currency that is happening that is why it is also known as Currency Market. Forex Market is open 24x7 as there are five foreign exchanges – Tokyo, New York, Sydney, London. Mostly people look at the market and give their extra attention to the market when two markets overlap. Why? Because at this time the chances of profit are maximized as it is the time when there is a large number of volumes present in the market.

Is Forex a good Investment?

Investment is a good term but when we are investing it at the right place such as – market, property, trading etc. Investment never means that you cannot trade into the market, in fact whatever you put into the market in terms of earning money is known as investment. Forex is definitely a good option because there is less volatility and fluctuations moreover, there are so many options where you can invest.

Which market is better – the crypto or forex market?

Both are different at their places such as crypto is related to virtual money where one can buy and sell virtual money and on the other side forex market is related to the currencies where one can trade in currencies and it opens 24x7 like crypto. If you ask which is better to invest then let me tell you that crypto is a highly volatile market and forex is little stable. It means that because of high volatility you may suffer with heavy losses and get good profits as well.

What are the tradable products that Forex Spot Trading offers?

Journey offers a large range of tradable items such as:

  • CFDs on Indices, shares and products, such as Petroleum, IBM, Facebook, United States 30 and many others.
  • Forward and Spot on a variety of Rare-earth elements and Currencies such as Gold, the EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and much more.

Binary Options on a lot of the products pointed out above are also available at Forex Spot Trading. This is just provided in certain jurisdictions and is subject to regional regulatory limitations.

Forex Spot Trading provides Online trading education, 1-on-1 tutorials, technical assistance, and client assistance in a variety of various languages. Furthermore, Forex Spot Trading runs a dealing room for trading foreign exchange, consisting of spot and forward deals, and CFDs

Forex Spot Trading provides traders a range of accounts tailor made to suit individuals requires. To find out more on account types and our recent offers, Click here

An Islamic Account is an interest-free account which abides by Islamic Sharia Laws relevant to Forex, Shares, Commodities and Index Trading.

Forex Spot Trading traders can rely on a selection of 3 trading platforms that consist of a downloadable and a web based version for PC and they can also benefit from a mobile trading platform for smart devices.

To open a new transaction and trade online, you require a minimum deposit of US$ 100. The minimum deal size for a brand-new account is $2,500 (or the equivalent), with as much as 400:1 leverage

Forex Spot Trading provides numerous means of online and offline fund deposit choices for your benefit. These alternatives include:

Bank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card and eWallets

For instructions regarding deposits by means of wire transfer, please e-mail accounting@Forex Spot Trading.com and provide information of your name, telephone number and your demand.

To withdraw funds from your account, just login to your account and generate a Withdrawal Demand from the withdrawal page.

Requests to transfer funds to a 3rd party will not be processed.

Withdrawing funds from an account is just possible upon signing and sending out the following documents:

(Documents 1-3 are required just when).

Personal identification certificate: passport, driving license or other federal government provided file providing your name, date and place of birth, citizenship, and bearing your photo and signature (Front and Back).

Evidence of current home: Here are some examples of the documents that can be sent to show your evidence of residency: Energy bill (e.g. gas or electricity bill),
Bank Declaration,
Telephone or Mobile Account Statement,
Community Rates Billing Declaration,
PO Boxes are not acceptable and the document can not be more than 6 months old.

If you have actually transferred via Credit Card or Debit Card, please send out the copy of both sides of the card as follows:
1. Hide the CVV Code.
2. On the front side of the card, hide the first 12 digits and leave the last 4 digits noticeable.
Note: When sending your credit card copy, we require only a clear view of the last 4 digits of the card, the cardholder name and the expiration date

In order to comply and increase security, the following file sending methods are offered:

  • Through our Secure Upload System: This is our preferred choice as it will enable you to send all your files directly to our compliance department for instant processing.
  • Through fax to our compliance department at +30-210-374-2536, +30-210-374-2556.

You can send your Proof of ID and Evidence of Residence by e-mail to compliance@Forex Spot Trading.com

Please do not send out credit card information or copies via e-mail.

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