Education Packages

Education Package Types


All the trading news including Indicator for Forex can be viewed on this ForexSP educational portal.

We have made a special educational portal for you so that you can get all the information about the education package types and other terms and conditions. The Three Educational Packages Types are as follows:

  • EAP Training Program - Price : INR 20,000.00
  • Advanced Pattern Mastery Course - Price : INR 35,000.00
  • FREE Training/Email List - Price : INR 6,500.00 For Email Updates

Training Schedule


  • Online Training from Monday to Friday between 9.00AM to 10.00AM IST.
  • Payment needs to be done before starting training
  • Once Education package has been purchased after that there is no cancellation on this and no refund of any payment.

Join for free

Beginning traders who want to build a successful Forex career and they want to know how to start stock trading in India can take advantage of the online supports offered by our platform such as trading news, training videos, online tutorials and PDF guides.

This approach adopted by Forex Spot Trading which aims to make trading in the Forex market available to everyone. You just need some accelerated training before starting your experience in Forex.

Customers who do not yet have significant experience in Forex trading can use the informative demo account option. This option will allow you to easily learn Forex trading techniques.

Through these types of accounts, you will find everything you are looking for to consolidate your Forex knowledge such as resources and support service.

Our forum of frequently asked questions does not contain an answer that satisfies your needs or doesn’t respond to Indicator for Forex, you can ask for support from our experts who are always at your disposal to help you overcome the blockages you may have.